Health, Safety, Environment & Energy Policy

CGL_PD_007 v.2.0 – Groupwide

Last Review Date: 8th May 2024

Covelya Group Ltd (‘Covelya’) recognises that its ongoing success and future development depends on the ability to engineer and deploy world class technology which enhances the quality and safety of its customers’ operations in an environment where its employees, stakeholders and the environment are protected from harm wherever it operates, globally.

Covelya’s success in achieving this goal requires the active participation and consultation of all employees, every day. The Executive Management team will personally, actively and visibly lead in the development, communication, implementation of, and ensuring compliance to, Covelya’s policies, standards and procedures. As such Covelya is committed to:

  • A culture that does not tolerate accidents and which protects the health, safety and security of its employees and those directly or indirectly affected by its activities by maintaining a safe and healthy working environment
  • Implementation of world class Health, Safety, Environment and Energy (‘HSEE’) Management Systems which meet or exceed ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001
  • Promoting responsibility and accountability for HSEE throughout Covelya and those working on behalf of it
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing business HSEE risks
  • Minimising the environmental impact through proactive measures to reduce, reuse or recycle resources and an effective commitment to pollution prevention and to minimise the company’s energy use and consumption
  • Providing adequate resources to ensure the ability to implement and maintain the HSEE Management Systems including the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets
  • Measuring HSEE performance to ensure continual improvement
  • Periodically reviewing the HSEE Management Systems and their effectiveness to ensure they are the most appropriate for its operations and meet all relevant legal and other requirements
  • Communicating the requirements of this HSEE Policy to its employees, other interested parties and the public and making relevant associated information available
  • Supporting the purchase of energy efficient products and services and design for energy performance improvement

Covelya is committed to promoting a socially responsible culture that both strives for excellence and guides our decisions and actions across all aspects of health, safety, environmental and energy delivery.  Our aim is to be a responsible, healthy, safe and environmentally conscious business.



Stephen Fasham

Chief Executive Officer