Our purpose is to apply engineering excellence and innovation to enable a safer, more sustainable world.


Covelya Group companies operate in a wide range of sectors within the energy, science, defence and commercial markets. We develop, manufacture, sell and support instruments, systems and solutions worldwide.

For over 50 years the companies within the group have been supporting the exploration of the world’s oceans and waters. Our innovative products, technologies and solutions are used in a vast array of scenarios which continue to grow as the world awakens to the resources available from its waters. Our companies are also applying those same technologies to meet new challenges in environmental applications and life sciences, part of our commitment to work towards a safe and sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

The group has a global footprint with facilities and resellers strategically located to ensure the group companies can provide local support to customers and users.

We foster synergistic partnerships between the operating companies to exploit technologies, products and knowledge to grow organically and explore new market sectors together. This is coupled with targeted acquisition and innovation investments.

Always on the lookout for new technologies and business models, we ensure that investments are made to enable the group companies to continue offering market leading solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Compliance is central to all our operations which are conducted in safe and ethical ways with metrics being used to monitor performance across all group companies.

Covelya Group enables the autonomy, independence and individual identities of each of its operating companies whilst providing core skills, experience, resources and worldwide facilities to unlock growth in each.

Our Strategy

Sustainable long-term growth and profitability shared between shareholders and employees. Utilising the group’s global infrastructure as a nucleus for growth.

Essence: Growing our companies via organic internal investment in developing new products and services, and by targeted acquisitions.

Fuse: Combining existing synergistic technologies and products within the partnership of companies using the group’s infrastructure, knowledge and resources.

Edge: Acknowledging the rapid rate of technological change and the limit to internal innovation, we are exploring, developing and investing in disruptive technologies and business models.


Founded in 1971, Sonardyne has grown steadily from its origins in the early North Sea Oil & Gas industry to become a global market leader in marine technology, recognised for strong technical capability and excellent customer service. Sonardyne’s heritage is underwater acoustics with the addition of inertial navigation and optical technologies in recent years; underpinned by ongoing investment in developing technologies and capabilities to support both existing markets and the exploration of new ones in the wider Blue Economy.  Sonardyne enables its customers to transition to a future world of marine operations being driven by digitalisation, wireless systems and increasing autonomy.

Based in Yateley (UK) with regional offices in Aberdeen, Houston (US), Rio/Macaé (Brazil) and Singapore. | sonardyne.com

Wavefront was founded in 2004 with a mission to develop imaging sonar systems for maritime security, defence and civilian markets. Wavefront technology is embedded in Sonardyne products including intruder detection and navigation sonars, and the Solstice multi-aperture side scan sonar. The company continues to develop new products and offers contract design services to Group companies and external customers.

Based in Sherborne, Dorset, UK  | wavefront.systems

Formed in 1967, Chelsea provides ingenious best in class sensors and systems that deliver sensitive, accurate and reliable solutions for customers across shipping, marine science, water quality and defence sectors. Based on deep scientific expertise, Chelsea’s pioneering technology is helping monitor shipping emissions, explore the oceans, create healthier fisheries, optimise crop spraying and even monitor climate change.

Based in West Molesey, London, UK  | chelsea.co.uk

Formed in 1978, EIVA provides software, equipment, and integrated system solutions to maritime customers across the world. EIVA’s proven and reliable tools support everything from underwater exploration, oceanography and hydrographic surveying to offshore construction, cable laying, dredging and rig operations. With an increase in maritime operations around the world EIVA continues to invest in cutting-edge applied science, pushing the boundaries of technology for groups specialising in the opportunities offered by a blue planet.

Based in Skanderborg, Denmark. | eiva.com

Voyis provides underwater optical sensors that expand customers underwater capability, enabling them to see the depths like we see the surface. Founded in 2007 the company was the first to widely provide laser scanners for underwater surveys and inspections. Voyis technology has been used on all 7 continents from the Arctic to the Antarctic. With ongoing investment in R&D Voyis is expanding the Group’s range of products and services across the marine sector.

Based in Ontario, Canada. | voyis.com

Founded in 2022, Forcys is driving a sea change in naval underwater technology. Forcys is a global maritime defence company backed by 50 years of expertise in the domain and an in-house developed technology portfolio through its technology partners in the Covelya Group. Forcys deliver, integrate and support customer-shaped solutions for navies and defence organisations, helping them to defend and project battlespace advantage above and below the surface.

Based in Yateley, Hampshire, UK  | www.forcys.com


Simon Partridge
Simon Partridge
Our Executive Chairman, Simon joined the group in 1994 as a development engineer with Sonardyne, before becoming Engineering Director in 2006. Having served as Covelya’s Chief Strategy Officer, Simon stepped up to the role of Chairman in 2021. He continues to work on identifying, and developing future technologies and markets across the group.
Stephen Fasham
Stephen Fasham
Our Chief Executive Officer, Stephen joined us in 2013 with a background across engineering and business roles and has held senior positions within Sonardyne in business development, acquisitions and operations. Stephen has primary responsibility for defining company strategy and for overseeing the performance of the trading companies in Covelya Group.
Martin Davey
Martin Davey
Martin is our Chief Financial Officer. He has extensive operational and management experience in privately owned businesses, and global listed organisations at both operating entity and group level, with experience in guiding businesses through periods of growth and organisational change. He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright
Andrew combines strategic thinking, business acumen and analytical skills with sensitivity and strong connections to people, motivating and inspiring them to perform. Andrew is passionate about creating organisations that make a difference, improving the sustainability of industry and joined the Covelya Group board in 2022 to support us in achieving those goals.
Anna O'Neill
Anna O’Neill
Anna is our Head of Risk & Compliance and Company Secretary with responsibility for provision of such services across the group of companies. Anna’s career at Covelya began in 2012 when she joined us having developed a career in contracts and commercial management across a variety of sectors.


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