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A safer, more sustainable world through engineering excellence and innovation.

We are a group of technology companies, working in Science. Energy, Environment and Defence. We develop, manufacture, sell and support instruments, systems and solutions worldwide.

We explore, develop and invest in cutting-edge technologies and successful people

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Our growth strategy looks for new technologies and business models whilst we foster synergistic partnerships between the operating companies.

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Our companies are remarkable. They design, develop and manufacture products and solutions that will help solve some of the world’s problems. Find out what makes each one special.


Sonardyne logo

Sonardyne works with its customers to deliver end to end solutions and transform what’s possible in the world of marine operations.

Driven by the latest digital, wireless and autonomous innovations, coupled with over 50 years of maritime expertise, Sonardyne leads the advancement of offshore energy, naval defence and ocean science technologies.


wavefront logo

Wavefront Systems was founded in 2004 with a mission to apply engineering excellence to the problems of underwater detection and navigation.

Through close collaboration with Sonardyne, Wavefront has developed Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS), Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar (FLS), Solstice Multi Aperture Side-Scan Sonar (MAS) and Sentry Integrity Monitoring Sonar (IMS).

As an independent operating company, Wavefront continues to develop state of the art imaging sonar and develop intruder detection solutions.

Chelsea Technologies

Chelsea Technologies

Chelsea provides ingenious best-in-class sensors and systems that deliver sensitive, accurate and reliable solutions for customers across shipping, marine science, water quality and defence sectors.

Based on deep scientific expertise, Chelsea’s pioneering technology is helping monitor shipping emissions, explore the oceans, create healthier fisheries and even monitor climate change.


EIVA logo

EIVA provides software, equipment, and integrated system solutions to maritime players across the world – enabling remote and autonomous operations using automation and AI.

EIVA’s proven and reliable tools support everything from underwater exploration, oceanography and hydrographic surveying to offshore construction, cable laying and rig operations.


Voyis logo

Voyis provides versatile optical solutions to expand customers’ underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

The company was the first to widely provide underwater laser scanners for underwater surveys and inspections. Voyis’ technology has been used on all seven continents from the Arctic to the Antarctic.



Forcys is a global naval underwater technology company with over 50 years of domain expertise.

Backed by an in-house developed technology portfolio, we deliver, integrate and support customer-shaped solutions for navies and military organizations, helping them to defend and project battlespace advantage above and below the surface.